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TriFactor's Articles feature our Client Partners projects and have been published in various trade publications.  These articles are written by TriFactor's staff. 


How to Effectively Slot your Warehouse/DC by TriFactor's Paul Hansen and Kelvin Gibson. This in depth discussion on slotting was featured in The National Provisioner.



Top Ten Most Costly Conveyor Maintenance Mistakes by TriFactor's Tom Betts and featured in Beverage Industry Magazine.



Getting Ready for the Economic Recovery by  JJ Phelan, P.E., talks about positioning your company for the recovery and was featured in Material Handling Wholesaler.



Which Rack Storage Systems are Right for You? by JJ Phelan, P.E., is a review of different types of rack solutions and was featured in Food Logistics.



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Hytrol conveyors!

Gravity Conveyor, Skatewheel Conveyor, Roller Conveyor

Gravity Conveyor:

Hytrol gravity conveyor is used for moving products without powered components.  Use gravity to your advantage.  There are many gravity conveyor options and styles to choose from.

Common Uses Include: Lean Manufacturing, Packaging Lines and Shipping Departments

Hytrol Belt Conveyors, Belt Conveyor, Slider Bed, Roller Bed

Belt Conveyor:

Belt conveyors
are one of the most widely used package handling powered conveyors. They are relatively inexpensive, simple to use, quiet, and easy to install.  They are frequently used for assembly operations and general transportation.

Common Uses Include: Progressive Aseembly, Labeling or Scanning and Conveying Delicate Items

Live Roller Conveyors

Live Roller Conveyor:

Live roller conveyors provide inexpensive, simple, quiet, easy installation and  easy maintenance making them a valuable component in operations requiring high performance with minimal downtime.

Common Uses Include: Pick Modules, Merge or Sort Functions and Transport Operations

Accumulation Conveyor, Accumulating Conveyor, Zero Pressure Conveyor

Accumulating Conveyor:

Accumulating conveyors provide powered transportation and allow product to be staged in the process.  Features include quiet operation, versatile design, and easy installation.   

Common Uses Include: Staging Areas, Merge or Sort Functions and Induction Operations

Portable Conveyor, Portable Conveyors

Portable Conveyor:

Hytrol portable conveyors can be set up quickly or broken down for storage easily.  They are perfectly suited for intermittent use or in multi-purpose areas.  The side guards and cleated belt easily catch small stampings, plastic parts, etc. and carry them through to hoppers or drums.  Flapper guard prevents parts from falling through the conveyor.

Common Uses Include: Feeding Operations, Scrap Handling, Stamping and Forming

Hytrol Accessories, Guard Rails, Ball Transfer Tables, Package Stops

Hytrol Conveyor Accessories:

TriFactor provides all of the basic accessories for your Hytrol conveyors including stops, guard rails, ball transfer tables and much more.

Hytrol Conveyor Parts, Replacement Parts

Hytrol Conveyor Replacement Parts:

Search our conveyor parts database to find in-stock items available for immediate shipment. Installation and maintenance manuals also available for download.   




Hytrol conveyor supports are optional equipment on standard items or replacement items due to equipment change outs.

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